23 7 / 2014

It’s more than a week late because I had a case of “All the Deadlines” right after the World Cup Final. 

I hope whoever kept track of these silly comics enjoyed them. Thanks for reading!

13 7 / 2014

A summer poster/cover as requested by @Rhythmajig

A summer poster/cover as requested by @Rhythmajig

13 7 / 2014

I got caught up with work, that’s why this comic is late.

And I could have done one for today’s match but I think Soraya/Brazil had enough suffering.

09 7 / 2014

A terrible defeat deserves the most amazing cosplay session.

07 7 / 2014

I swear this is funnier than you think.

06 7 / 2014

4 gone, 4 left.

Punishment or not, Ashling will do anything for her little sister.

Bonus: document with short character profiles.

06 7 / 2014

S.J.’s life story in a nutshell.

05 7 / 2014

2 down, 6 left.

On that note, I don’t draw Soraya often enough. She’s fun.

04 7 / 2014

In case you are curious, these are the characters participating in the bets. And Set the mad jester is a special guest.

If other artists want to do the same thing with their OCs, go for it. I would love to see other betting teams.

So… who do you think it’s going to win the World Cup?

02 7 / 2014

Any sports event is just an excuse for betting. And testing the comic scene.